Policlínic San Cugat Ophthalmology

We have been at your side for 17 years, with the best human and technical resources, and very close.

Advanced Care Sant Cugat

Since the creation of Policlínic San Cugat in 2004, our mission has been the development of a comprehensive Ophthalmology Service, oriented to the city of Sant Cugat and its surroundings, and which would accommodate a stable team made up of the best specialists, as well as diagnostic techniques and the most cutting-edge therapeutics in the field of Ophthalmology. We do everything possible so that patients can have a diagnosis and have a therapeutic alternative in the same visit in a large percentage of cases, without having to travel to other Centers for complementary tests.

Advanced Care Sant Cugat was born with the vocation of integrating the activity of the Policlínic San Cugat Ophthalmology team with the medical and, especially, surgical activity that its specialists carry out in other Centers (Bonanova Clinic, Barcelona Hospital, Badalona Municipal Hospital).