Urgent and emergent visits

We offer you different options to request a visit

  • We reserve space in the early afternoon for these urgent visits that are generated during the morning.
  • Throughout the afternoon, and also at the last minute, at the end of the usual day, the different doctors will take over as far as possible the patients who need urgent assistance.
  • We put at your disposal the email address urgencies@oftalmologiasantcugat.com

    In the event of an unforeseen and potentially serious situation, a specific email address is made available to our patients where they can bring these urgent situations to the attention of Policlínic San Cugat staff ophthalmologists 365 days a year. If the characteristics of the case allow it, we will provide guidance on the attitude to follow by e-mail or, preferably, by telephone. If deemed necessary, an appointment will be provided as soon as possible, if it’s possible the same day, with one of our ophthalmologists. When it is not possible to provide a visit for the same day or for a reasonable time, an option of an Emergency Center will be recommended where you can be seen immediately..
  • We apologize if at any time an unexpected and urgent visit or laser treatment may interfere with the dynamics of the consultation.